Board of Directors

                                 Lake Carmi Camper’s Association Directors & Officers
                                                                September 19, 2018

Peter Benevento, Patton Shore - President
Rob Evans, Patton Shore Road - Vice President
Polly Gadbois, Hammond Shore Road - Treasurer
Ruth Ann Krayesky, Camp Road - Secretary
John Costa, Shore Road
Ernie Englehardt, Lake Road
Hilda Hendrickson, Vic's Crossing
Diane Larose, Vic's Crossing
Robert Lumnah, Westcott Shore Road
Larry Myott, Hammond Shore Road
Andre Laroche-Vic's Crossing
Nancy Johnson-Black Woods

News & Events 3/7/2019

Town of Franklin Annual Meeting March 4, 2019

LCCA VP Rob Evans sends this report on the Town of Franklin Annual Meeting from yesterday, March 4, 2019.  Thanks so much Rob for all the hard work.

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Local News 7/25/2017

Housing shortage in Vermont

The Burlington area may land on the top lists for being a great place to live. But, finding a house to live in is getting tougher....

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