Board of Directors

                                 Lake Carmi Camper’s Association Directors & Officers
                                                                January 12, 2018


Peter Benevento, Patton Shore-Secretary
John Costa, Shore Road
Ernie Englehardt, Lake Road
Rob Evans, Patton Shore Road
Polly Gadbois, Hammond Shore Road-Treasurer
Hilda Hendrickson, Vic's Crossing
Ruth Ann Krayesky, Camp Road-President
Diane Larose, Vic's Crossing
Kyle Laurie, Mullen Shore Road
Robert Lumnah, Westcott Shore Road
Larry Myott, Hammond Shore Road

News & Events 1/27/2018

A Message From Ruth Ann Krayesky, LCCA President

A Message From Ruth Ann Krayesky, LCCA President

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Local News 7/25/2017

Housing shortage in Vermont

The Burlington area may land on the top lists for being a great place to live. But, finding a house to live in is getting tougher....

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