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   The 2017 Season is Here! The one thing you can count  on when opening camp for the season is challenging.  Usually, it is a cracked waterline that managed to retain  water during the winter freeze, but sometimes it is a bit  more serious. The latter situation is what happened to us.  In early April I received a call from a neighbor in Vermont  who alerted me to the fact that a tree had downed a power  line in my driveway and this had torn the power box and  meter away from the outside wall of the camp. This had also caused roof damage, but he was not certain of the extent or whether water from recent, heavy rain was entering the camp. Fortunately, for us the only roof damage was to the soffit, and there was no water damage inside. A local contractor and the power company made the necessary repairs, and we were able to open camp in a normal routine manner. The point is that if it hadn’t been for my neighbor, things could have been a lot worse at my camp. He made an effort to locate my cell number and call me. Thank you, neighbor! Neighbor helping neighbor is certainly one of the many benefits of living on Lake Carmi. It emulates the type of community spirit that makes Lake Carmi “One Happy Lake.” A prime example is the recent beautification effort at the North Beach boat launch. This FWC initiated project involved lake volunteers working together to enhance the appearance of “our front door” and improve the shoreline. This same form of effort could be applied to the beginning (front door) of each shoreline where signage, flowers and some minimal landscaping would warmly welcome neighbors and friends. Please consider it for your road. Community spirit is also the wave that will propel us into the future and ensures a safe and healthy lake for future generations. We need campers to be “all in” when we talk about improving our shorelines, properly maintaining septic systems and making our roads passable and environmentally sound. No one else is going to champion our cause but us. So please contribute and do your share for the benefit of Lake Carmi. Speaking of community, I am very excited and pleased to announce that the Lake Carmi Community Foundation Inc. has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. More details in the centerfold section. One of the projects we are working on this summer is cleaning out the channel between the main outlet and the Mill Pond. It is long overdue. The channel is clogged with sediment. It prevents the lake from draining properly, and this causes shoreline erosion. The Army Corp. of Engineers has been consulted, and discussions with VT DEC are ongoing. We are hoping to have positive news on progress by the end of the summer. The new gubernatorial election has resulted in changes in the officials who have direct influence over our water quality efforts. As a result of the election of Gov. Phil Scott, Julie Moore is the new Secretary of ANR. Julie was the Lake Champlain Czar in the Douglas Administration and is very familiar with Lake Carmi. She has visited the lake many times and has attended FWC meetings. Anson Tibbetts is the new Secretary of the Agency of Agriculture, and Emily Bodecker is the new Commissioner of VT DEC. We intend to invite these new officials to the lake. We encourage you to contact them too, on behalf of Lake Carmi, strength is in numbers. The first LCCA Board meeting of the season was held on May 27; the hard work of board members over the winter has laid a terrific foundation for our upcoming major events. Light up Lake Carmi starts the festivities on the weekend with the Pirate Raid, Pontoon Boat Race and Fireworks all on schedule for a fabulous evening Monday night July 3rd. Later in the month, the 2017 Cottage Tour will be held Saturday, July 22nd. The Cottage Tour will bring you to fabulous venues around the lake and will also provide samples from local food and beverage vendors. Tickets will be available soon. I could go on and on, but if I get too long in the tooth, my editor will put me on the back page. I’ll sneak some more in later in this newsletter. Enjoy the start of summer and see you around the lake!

………….Peter Benevento, LCCA President

News & Events 8/30/2018

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