Subscription Plan


We have recently introduced our Monthly Subscription Plan for Associations that rather not use our Business Membership Program.

If you are not interested in local Business paying for your Community Website; with our new Monthly Subscription Plan you can receive all the same great features, support and service but without the Business Members present on your site.  We still help you along the way to set up your new site and help with the Membership Management migration.  We also train you on how to use the simple to use software.  Our New Monthly Subscription Program starts at $24 per month, the fee is based on the number of members you have in your Association.  give us a call to find out more about and how simple it is for your Association.  855.525.3869 or email us at

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Web Services Monthly Pricing

Your Association's website can be Free , when you use the  Business Membership Program. creates a unique opportunity for Lake Associations to raise revenue simply by including the local businesses that are part of your lake community.

Your Association can offer business memberships – basic, premium and featured – to local businesses that have served your homeowners for years. Local restaurants, realtors, markets, propane dealers and so many more retailers and service providers are eager to show their support of the Lake.

Your Lake Association contacts local Businesses to support the site and does the rest. The money from the Business Members you sign on pays your monthly service fee. Addtional income from Business Members, over the monthly service fee, your Association will earn 40%. This can produce hundreds of extra dollars to support and enhance the Association’s initiatives. takes care of all the Business Membership advertisement design/content, advertisement placement on the website and billing.
If your Associations is not interested in having Business Membership on your site, you just pay the low monthly fee for all the great benefits.


10.19.15 Jefferson Project Makes Waves ...

At New York's Lake George, a 32-mile-long lake located in the Adirondack Mountains, more than 60 researchers are now turning to sensors and connected systems to better understand environmental threats—including road salt, agricultural contaminants, invasive species and the growth of algae—so that they can better protect the lake and its water.

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02.08.15 Population is the cause of lak...

Thanks for publishing the two perspective columns on “Troubled Water” regarding the cleanup of Lake Champlain in the Feb. 1 edition.
Unfortunately, neither Elizabeth Courtney nor James Ehlers addresses the true cause of the water pollution, which is the tremendous growth of the human population in the Lake Champlain basin in recent decades. In just Chittenden County the population has grown from 75,000 in 1960 to 160,000 in 2013 or 111 percent.

Rutland Herald

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