Help Improve Lake Carmi Water Quality

The organizations listed below are helping improve Lake Carmi’s water quality.  A cleaner Lake Carmi will benefit all Lake Carmi Campers Association members.  Please volunteer or donate to help these organizations make Vermont a better place to live and play. Watershed Committee - a not-for-profit organization working to improve water quality in Lake Carmi and other bodies of water in the Franklin Watershed. Their main goal is to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment that make it into Lake Carmi through runoff, as these substances contain phosphorus, which is responsible for the algae and cyanobacteria blooms that decrease water quality in Lake Carmi each summer. Lake Carmi is the only lake in Vermont besides Lake Champlain that has had a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) analysis for phosphorus carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. The fact that reducing phosphorus levels in Lake Carmi and its tributaries is seen as a priority by these agencies underscores the severity of nutrient pollution in Lake Carmi and its tributaries.

Watersheds United Vermont - a state-wide network of local groups dedicated to the health of their home watersheds. Our mission is to empower community-based watershed groups in all parts of the state to protect and restore Vermont’s waters.

MRBA clrMissisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) is an active, non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to the restoration of the Missisquoi River, its tributaries, and the Missisquoi Bay. We bring together diverse interest groups within the community – teachers, farmers, summer residents, loggers, business owners, environmental experts, outdoor enthusiasts, municipal officers, woodland owners, and concerned citizens like you.

HomeLake Champlain International (LCI) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization actively involved in shaping the future of Lake Champlain's water and fisheries health for the well-being of the people who depend on it today and tomorrow.  To protect, restore, and revitalize Lake Champlain and its communities, LCI educates, advocates, and motivates to ensure that Lake Champlain is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable, understanding that healthy water resources are essential for a healthy economy and a healthy community.

Lake Champlain CommitteeThe Lake Champlain Committee (LCC), with a history of over 50 years, is the region's only bi-state citizens' organization dedicated to lake health and accessibility. We take a whole-lake approach to issues that affect this natural treasure, which boasts nearly 600 miles of shoreline in New York, Vermont and Quebec.

News & Events 3/7/2019

Town of Franklin Annual Meeting March 4, 2019

LCCA VP Rob Evans sends this report on the Town of Franklin Annual Meeting from yesterday, March 4, 2019.  Thanks so much Rob for all the hard work.

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Local News 7/25/2017

Housing shortage in Vermont

The Burlington area may land on the top lists for being a great place to live. But, finding a house to live in is getting tougher....

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