Time for Action

A letter from Rebekah Weber Lake Champlain Lakekeeper CLF Vermont to LCCA President Peter Benevento:

This week, the Vermont House of Representatives will make key decisions about whether to ensure all Vermonters have safe and healthy rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands with dedicated funding. 

This is a critical time for the health of our state’s waters – and our representatives need to know that we’ll be watching. 

Call your legislator right now and ask that they ensure safe and healthy waters for Vermont in the years to come.

Here are a few talking points to bring up when you make the call: 

  • Vermonters must be able to drink, fish, swim, and paddle on waters that are safeguarded against contamination.
  • Vermont has clean waters that need and deserve protection, and unfortunately, too many pollutants are entering our waterways and fueling toxic algal blooms, closed beaches, decimated fish populations, and depressed property values.
  • Our businesses depend on clean water, including businesses that rely on tourists who annually contribute $2.5 billion to our economy.
  • We need the legislature to fund cleaner water for Vermonters – because if they don’t, consumers, farmers, businesses, and families will be forced to bear the full cost alone. Please support both short-term and long-term funding for clean water this year.

You can look up your legislator's office number, or just leave a message for them by calling the Vermont State House Sergeant-at-Arms at: 802-828-2228

The Sergeant-at-Arms will ask where you live, and then will be able to deliver a message right into your Representative’s hands. 

Clean water is fundamental to healthy communities and a thriving economy. We must invest in this resource now and over the long term. 

Thank you for standing up for Vermont’s waters! Let’s keep our state beautiful together. 

In solidarity,

Rebekah Weber
Lake Champlain Lakekeeper
CLF Vermont

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Time for Action

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