Town of Franklin Annual Meeting March 4, 2019

I wanted to update you all on the town meeting in Franklin….

First off, it was very well attended by the town. Perry Thomas (DEC), Emily Porter-Goff and I attended and spoke when the article for support of 10K being spent for support of the aeration project. As you may remember, this was a funding request to pay for a portion of the electrical fees associated with the operating costs of the aeration project. Perry and Emily carried the bulk of the discussions as I had to step away to make some work calls, but I just spoke with Peter Magnant (Chair of the Select Board) and the vote passed by floor vote.  Those in attendance had some good questions about impacts to fishing and what the results might be…We answered them the best we could.  Perry and Emily – well done!

 I think it’s important to recognize how far we have come. Lots of good hard work has gone into this but we are well on our way to getting this system in place. More to do but we should all take a minute and be thankful that we are the only lake in the state that has gotten this level of support and action. Peter, I want to publicly thank you for your friendship and support through all of this. You have been a good steward for the citizens of Franklin and an advocate for clean water. Perry, thank you for the level of transparency you have provided to us and for allowing us to partner with you and the state on this initiative. Thank you to the town of Franklin and those that attended the meeting today and to those who voted either in support or against this work. I for one value the different sides to this dialogue and encourage all of us to continue to work together toward our clean water goals.

Proud to partner with all of you…. It was a good day…. A very good day!




Robert L. Evans

News & Events 3/7/2019

Town of Franklin Annual Meeting March 4, 2019

LCCA VP Rob Evans sends this report on the Town of Franklin Annual Meeting from yesterday, March 4, 2019.  Thanks so much Rob for all the hard work.

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